United Methodist Men
Leader: Hank Patterson


The United Methodist Men

What is that???

Well it is just what it sounds like. It is a group of men (any men, any age) from our church. We like to try and get together at least once a month. We EAT and fellowship and discuss any ideas we have about our church and community. Then decide if there is a project  we'd like to do.

We take care of things like working around the parsonage occasionally or working around the church. (or just working on some really good fooooooooood !)

We have a really good time and enjoy each others company.

Our biggest annual project is the Potato Drop!!!   We get a semi-truck load (about 44,000lbs.) of potatoes delivered and we disperse them around south-central Oklahoma.  It is a blast!!!!!!! You just wouldn't believe how fast 44,000 lbs can disappear.

Please feel free to join us anytime.


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